What happens to the waste?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess of cotton that occurs during the manufacturing process of making hairdressing and salon towels?

Well we certainly have thought about this waste, and with the UK population becoming more and more environmentally friendly we wanted to make sure that our waste doesn’t go to waste.

As a supplier of towelling products, we are aware of the excess in waste that occurs during the manufacturing process of creating our salon towels. At Terri Towelling we have decided to reduce the impact this has on the environment by taking that excess and creating our very own recycled towel. Our manufacture combines all the excess yarns together and creates a bespoke, recycled towel, therefore avoiding hundreds of tons of waste going to landfill each year.
Terri Towelling has seen a huge increase in the then need and the enthusiasm for the recycled towel. No two towels are the same and these are available at a very affordable price.

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